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down to a science.

LiveLight is a physician monitored and guided program that helps patients lose weight, keep that weight off, and do it while enjoying wholesome and delicious food.

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ost of us have tried and failed to lose weight. Maybe more than once. It’s the brutal arithmetic of calories. Why can’t we simply eat less?

That’s why.


LiveLight relieves hunger.
So it doesn’t hurt.

FDA-approved medicine tailored to you.

Doctors typically prescribe a high dose of medication to control hunger. But high doses build up your tolerance in just a few weeks and create unpleasant side effects that typically lead to a 50% dropout rate in as little as 12 weeks. Then you’re on your own again.

Because everyone is different, our doctors use an app to monitor your daily progress and adjust the precise dose of medicine you need to lose weight safely and effectively.

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your hunger.

When we try to lose extra weight, our bodies are wired to fight back with hunger. But, when the next calorie is always within reach, the same instinct that keeps us alive is actually hurting us. That’s why we created a new way to deliver personalized medicine that takes the edge off hunger, so you can lose weight and keep it off.

Medicine does help.

  • The best decision ever

    Choosing to embark on the LiveLight program is the best decision I have ever made.

    Annie N.

  • LiveLight makes a huge difference

    LiveLight has made a huge difference in my life. I have lost 50 pounds without feeling deprived.

    Jane H.

  • Guide and support makes a difference

    Losing weight and making a lifestyle change isn’t easy; having someone to guide and support you makes all the difference.

    Rebecca Z.

  • Logging in daily held me accountable every day

    Like most people, I have struggled with weight most of my life. I was able to lose approximately 30 lbs. Logging in daily via an app held me accountable each and every day.

    Nil A.

  • Learn what causes a spike in your weight

    [LiveLight] helped me learn what causes a spike in my weight (wine, eating a big dinner, dessert at night) and what I can do to fix it, which is an important skill to keep the weight off.

    Lalitha S.

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